Sad Stuffies Visual Brand Identity Design

Client: Sad Stuffies

Brand identity design created for Sad Stuffies by Olive Ridley Studios - primary logo


green checkmark Create a visual brand identity that is calming, youthful, familiar, soft, and just a bit surprising.

green checkmark Create a look and feel that will resonate with teens and young adults.

green checkmark Create additional branded elements that can be used throughout packaging and social media content.


An expansive visual brand identity system with a responsive logo suite, brand patterns, and extra graphic elements. The familiar and friendly brand fonts combined with the nature-inspired color palette tie everything together into a complete, holistic, visual brand.


Sad Stuffies will be able to hit the ground running knowing they have all of the visual elements they need to start building a strong brand. The visual branding is youthful without being childish, perfect for their defined ICP (ideal client profile).