A detail that you'd never notice? All of the golf holes included in the pattern are holes that you can actually play on The Indoor Golf Lounge's golf simulator!


A brand identity that golf lovers of all ages can connect with.


A modern and bold color palette with traditional roots, friendly, rounded typography, and a brand pattern that will leave golfers dreaming of tee time.


A versatile brand pattern that can be used in a variety of applications

A brand personality that is friendly, welcoming, and bold

A modern, fun spin on the traditional golf aesthetic



The Indoor Golf Lounge Identity Design

"We've received so many compliments on our logo and the branding absolutely MAKES the space and environment for us. Without it, we are just another golf lounge. The experiential graphics really bring everything together and takes it up a notch. Megan was the best to work with. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!"

- Amanda and Stephen Rausch
The Indoor Golf Lounge

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